The Step-by-Step Guide to Search Marketing Success Now Completely Updated with New Techniques Tools Best Practices and Value-Packed Bonus DVD My copy of the first edition of Search Engine Marketing Inc is ratty and dog-eared from extensive use It s full of coffee stains and my own scribbled notes Because it so effectively demystifies search engine marketing and provides such practical advice for success I turn to it again and again and recommend it to audiences worldwide This book is not academic blather or geeky techno-speak it s an approachable and digestible guide chock-full of real-life examples David Meerman Scott Read more
If You Build It Will They Come Too many Web site owners work on the if-you-build-it-they-will-come model for their Web sites Unfortunately those eagerly anticipated users don t always come A Web site is a passive media with limited visibility until you actively market it to others Web marketing is a challenging and laborious activity The exponential growth of the Internet has further compounded this problem as more and more Web sites are being added daily How can you beat the crowd and attract the largest possible traffic to your Web site Author Thomas Wong reveals the secrets used by Read more
Wendy s book is an impressively thorough account of the marketing options open to Internet businesses today I have it within reach of my desk and I intend to make good use of it Michael Masterson Publisher Agora Inc Early to Rise Business Content Is Cash You ve already got great content now monetize it Dozens of top publishers marketers business owners and entrepreneurs are already using Wendy Montes de Oca s SONAR Content Distribution ModelTM to earn amazing ROI from content they already have You can too even if you ve never done Internet marketing before Content Is Cash Read more
I Asked Of The Worlds Leading Experts If You Were Starting Again Today And You Had Absolutely No Traffic Which Traffic Strategy Would You Use To Make In Profit After Days Read more
There now exists a wealth of tools and techniques that can determine if and how a Web site is providing business value to its owners This book is a survey of those metrics and is as important to IT executives as it is to marketing professionals Jim Sterne is recognized worldwide as a leading Internet business expert and is the author of several Wiley books including WWW Marketing Third Edition - - - Explains the criteria for building a successful site surveying the tools services techniques and standards for Web measurement and fully integrating those metrics with the customer experienceCompanion Read more
Solve your traffic troubles and turn browsers into buyersWhen web design expert Ben Hunt set out to quantify the difference between an ordinary web site and a great one he expected to find the key in design simplicity But when his team more than doubled the conversion rates for a wide range of sites they identified simple yet powerful solutions involving design copy appropriate analysis classic optimization techniques and targeted testing You'll find the fixes easy to implement and they're all right here Understand the essentials - your market your proposition and your delivery Create a site that is seen Read more
Once you've got a web site up and running it is all too easy to sit back and relax But how do you know you did a good job How can you improve the site you have based on real user behaviour Without getting feedback from your users how will you find out how it's being used Web traffic analysis allows you to gain some insight into your site users where they come from what pages they like and how often they come back However as statistics are prone to being misinterpreted your insight often has to be taken with Read more

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